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The Rock & Roll Circus rehearsal studios is a creative space for creative minds.  The Circus has 4 rooms, all uniquely designed and of different sizes to match your requirements. 

We have Drum Kits, Guitar Amps and cabs available, and all the rooms are equipped with PA Systems. The large room also has an acoustic piano which is free to use.


Rehearsal Studio Deals:

  • 4 Hours from £27 including Drums, Amps & PA (Shorter sessions available)
  • Weekend Offer – Rehearse 3 times, get 4th session FREE! Friday/Saturday/Sunday
  • Student/Unemployed Deals – 15% Off all weekend – 4 hour weekday daytime session from £20 including Drums, Amps & PA
  • Xanax Purchase

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 12pm – 2am
  • Saturday: 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 2am



 Cheapest Alprazolam!



Order Xanax Bars Online, Buy Xanax Wholesale