Adult’s Rock School UK

We have just had an amazing weekend here at The Rock & Roll Circus with Rock School UK. We took a bunch of adults (between early 20s to 70s) and taught them how to rock!!!

Many of them had never played an instrument before, others haven’t been in a band since their youth and wanted to recapture some of that former glory.

We spent a whole day at the studios in our bands learning covers and everyone worked REALLY hard to learn 3 songs and at the end of the day had some practice performances which can be viewed here

Code Enigma

So Far So Good

90s Blast

Then the next day we had our gig at The Wardrobe and what a gig it was! Every band did really well and performed incredibly!

Videos from the gig below

90s Blast

Code Enigma

So Far So Good

What a weekend!

Rock & Roll Circus

Leeds` Coolest Rehearsal Studio / Live Space

Humble Scoundrel new music video for “Fever”

Leeds locals Humble Scoundrel have just dropped a music video for their latest single, “Fever”.


They shot the entire video at our premises and we are blown away by the result!


Have a look below:

Power, Heat and Light

Circus regulars Autobodies have released a new album ‘Power, Heat and Light’ which is available now, either on CD or as a digital download from Bandcamp.

The 3 piece Leeds band have been coming to the studios for years and are really some of the friendliest people you will meet.  Check them out!




Rock School UK

Check out Rock School UK!

A great holiday music course held here during the summer holidays for 9-16 year olds.

Learn to be in a band, play instruments, write songs, record in a studio and play a gig!!!

SOOOO much fun!

Go to www.rockschool.uk.com for more info or to sign up!


Forever Cult release new track ‘Codeine’

Local legends Forever Cult have been around for some time now, but it hasn’t stopped them from releasing banger after banger. Codeine is no exception.
It gives insight as to what the new ep holds; dissonant riffs, moody tones and a darker undertone that threatens to pull you into their whirlpool to drown beautifully with them.

Have a listen here: