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Hello! Welcome to this weeks found gems from Soundcloud. If you`ve ever been waiting on band members to arrive in the office then you`ll likely to find the music being played from behind the counter on these blog posts. You`ll find all different genres popping up here so always check back if this weeks music isn`t your bag 😉

Here we go…

A spoken word number, from a dairy written by the speaker in 1972, only recorded 5 months ago. Combined with ambient music, this feels very intimate.

Has the the lo – fi feel of an early 90s single, with a simple – yet – cool chord structure looping through it. Pretty hard to pull off something like this and not sound contrived – hats off to you mate!

A nasty electro fuzz rock song from France, another lo-fi production – but only for those who like in – your – face music…and don`t mind listening to music in a foreign language – which has never been a barrier to me personally. Menacing beats and snarling guitars weave through this song – a perfect song for fighting through the rush hour crush.