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(No, this picture is not one of our drum kits!)


If you`re wanting a few bits and bobs because your sample library is looking a little bare then we have your back covered! We`ve trawled t`net and come up trumps (no.. no.. not that loser) with a selection of audio samples which are FREE and LEGAL because…corporations don`t like it when you post stuff with audio featuring recorded snippets that they own – and neither do a lot of musicians who own the song…and who wants to give people with money, lots more out of your pocket? Sod that. Eyes down for some goodies

Drums that sound like “classic” Prince.. basically its the LM-1 Linn drum machine - but treated in the way Prince did back in the day. Made for ableton users but the samples are easily got at for everyone else who use other programs.

Big collection in a small space. 99 hits ranging from electronic to Acoustic. There`s a few percussion hits too…. Some of these samples have been recorded to cassette tape before being sampled – a nice touch for something that costs yer nowt, love.


Boxed ear have given away samples of revered drum machines – because they`re nice folk an` all that. They offer only 3 for free, but the ones they have given away are the big guns of the 80/90s – if retro is the way you play it then you ought to plunder this gem.


Do you want a FREE acoustic drum kit, on par with EZDrummer and addictive drums. Yeah, someone had gone to the trouble to construct a massive sample library …in different formats..that`s as standalone WAVS, Kontakt 5 format, SFZ format and TW16 format. This was make with REAPER in mind, so this actually is set up to be like a built in drummer for the DAW. follow the instructions – be sure to have at least SIX GIGS free on your hard drive. Yup. It`s huge.


A selection of kicks, snare, and toms for the heavier muso`s amongst us,
this is the free kit that they offer but there are other paid – for kits on the same site.


A nicely kitted out studio and a lovely drum kit…recorded onto tape through a neve desk and recorded onto tape. Ludwig snare? Oh yeah. As the name suggests its in mono, but a lot can be done with mono - and well placed reverbs will put the stereo "room" back into the sound - so really.. considering this is fer nowt you`ll get a versatile set of samples that can be put through any room reverb you like. Been using it for years. Plenty of multisamples here. If you have the paid version of Kontakt then this kit comes the mappings you need – otherwise, you`ll just get the samples which can be put in any sampler...you`ll just have to do it manually.


…and there you go, a short but varied selection of good quality samples which should cover most modern styles of music making. There are much more drum samples/libraries out there that we will share with you.. and we will cover other kinds of samples in the future.