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You need a shaker, or marimba..or a clave on a track..and its the middle of the night and you cant make much noise..or you just dont have such instruments to hand..Well lucky for you its the 21st century where well recorded percussion is available to you …as samples…. for free.

In the second part of our free audio sample series we are sifting through the best of the least expensive sample packs featuring single hits and loops. You can always chop loops into bits so even the most cheesiest loop can me remodelled as something else


Where To Buy Alprazolam 2Mg

This link neatly dovetails with previous sample free – for -all blog post, you get some interesting found sound percussion samples and in addition,  several more drum kits – more geared towards hip hop and dance than a collection of “room” kits. This ought to take you a wee while to get through – should you choose to download them all.


Buy Xanax Off The Internet

This pack is more for EDM/Electronic/Techno tracks, so don`t expect beautifully recorded acoustic recordings – you get 130MB worth of samples consisting of

  • 74 bongos
  • 138 congas
  • 10 cymbals
  • 143 kicks
  • 28 sticks and rims
  • 48 shakers

Get some tasteful reverb and EQ and you`ll be able to make these samples come to life.


Buy Xanax Singapore

Yup, someone sampled a propane tank, and yet the results are quite pleasing.. check out the audio file with

a demo of how these samples sound like together. This is percussive AND also melodic, if you were wanting to give a “far east” feel to something then these sounds could be built upon – no problem.


Cheap Xanax Canada

This guy needs no introduction to those who love Soul, northen soul, funk, samba..hes been around so many different scenes..worked with so many top notch musicians..and compiled many albums. In that time he worked with some Cuban percussionists and hes offered up stems from that session for free. There`s a request not to use them with copyrighted material - i.e don`t use them in mashups, but other than a  request to use their hashtag on twitter if you do use them, there appears to be no restrictions on their use.


Can You Order Xanax Online Legally

Last and not least is this offering – which is a generous free pack by Dubspot. Featuring percussion from all around the place and some really odd sounds that don`t belong anywhere but are weird and wonderful enough to add “a little something” to an atmospheric song. Also has a few kits too – again for the electronic side of things

  • All loops are tempo-labelled
  • Royalty-Free
  • 145 MB Download
  • 65 24-bit / 44.1 kHz Wav files
  • 15 Drum Loops
  • 5 Ghost Rhythms
  • 30 Hybrid Hits
  • 15 Texture Loops

Hopefully that should be enough to get you going until our next instalment of “free things from the web that musicians can make use of”

Buy Herbal Xanax Online, Cheapest 2Mg Xanax