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Looking for “new” music? Need new MP3s? … Well we`ve had a look on the net and a lot of it is utter crap. Honestly. That`s why taking the time out to crate dig on the internet is a bloody chore.But  we`ve done that bit for you – in between lugging amps! A long time in coming, but here is number three  in the series of our soundcloud cull.

Whats in this compilation? We have showtunes….(yup, you read that right) , trip hop, ambient, dance, alt rock, acoustic ..and the plain crazy goodness (Science division, check it out – it`s pretty out there)

We have a smattering of genres here, all set to download, if you like what you hear please follow the artists and leave a comment – takes two minutes but it goes along way for us musicians!

(Compiled by the Polymammals)