Studios For Hire

Leeds` Coolest Rehearsal Studio / Live Space


Don Van Vllet Studio

Named in honour of Captain Beefheart, this is the large room where everything happens. includes an upright Piano – great for communicating ideas easily across to other bandmates, 12 channel mixer, Premier drum kit , Ashdown bass amp, guitar stands and a sofa to slack off on.  Large groups / Pedal Hungry Bands


Cafe Wha

The name nods to a very influential space that brought you Hendrix & Joplin – this simple but popular room has an 8 channel mixer, pearl forum series drumkit, Ashdown bass head. a neutral environment but with its own charm.  Four to five people


The Doldrums

This is the bigger of the two medium rooms that we have, liked for its dryness and space, this room has a side perk of having  its own private door to a small yard for smokers,  The room has a sofa , guitar stands, Ashdown bass Amp, 8 channel powered mixer and a Pearl export series drumkit – 5 tom configuration. 


Barrett`s Bunker

Smaller than its siblings but it holds its own,  Away in a corner lies Barrett`s Bunker, where solo musicians or a four piece can be creative without being distracted by unwanted extra space.  It can intimate or intense depending on your session, which is why this room has is its regulars who choose it for the above experiences. 8 channel powered mixer, ashdown bass amp. Four People